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This is the only fanlisting approved by tfl.org for tattoo sleeves. This beautiful art-form is seen in many different styles and sizes across the globe. Whether you're just an admirer or you actually have sleeve tattoos yourself, please consider joining this list of international fans; it only takes a moment!

This fanlisting is run by Ashley (just an average fangirl), and is part of pink-pistol.net.

July 15th, 2009

Cool find…

Converge is one of my favorite bands and I found these awesome photos the other day that show off Jacob Bannon’s tattoo sleeves. I’ve only seen Converge twice, and both times he was wearing a hoodie on stage and I couldn’t get a good view of his tattoos—anyway, here are the photos:

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July 3rd, 2009

Say hello to the brand new layout!

I can’t believe I actually had that old design up since early 2005! It was such an outdated i-frame layout; I am so much happier with this new look and I hope you are as well. I even recycled a small part of the old header image to use in this layout. I’m still working out some kinks but everything important works great, which is what matters. I will be creating lots of new buttons of various sizes later tonight—so look for those very soon. :)

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